(Note: This recall only applies to Tip-Restraints produced by New Age Industires and does not apply to furniture products produced by Legacy Classic | Modern.)

Corporate Responsibility

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657)

Legacy Classic Furniture believes all individuals have the right to freely choose employment, to be represented by worker councils or labor unions on a voluntary basis, and to bargain collectively as they choose. Additionally, Legacy Classic Furniture believes all individuals have the right to a workplace free of harassment and unlawful discrimination. As a responsible corporate citizen, we seek to ensure that quality and safety standards are maintained throughout our supply chain and that all applicable laws and regulations are upheld. We expect our suppliers to share our commitments to reduce waste, use resources responsibly, and advance the welfare of workers. We believe that partnerships based on honesty, integrity, collaboration and mutual respect are integral to achieve continuous improvement. To ensure our standards are upheld, we've taken the following steps:

Risk Assessments: Legacy Classic Furniture assesses risks using country specific research guides, government assessments, and industry guidance. Risk assessments are the foundation for our Rules of Conduct Supplier Agreement. This agreement extends our corporate values regarding ethical worker treatment and care for the environment and sets forth compliance with international standards, applicable laws and regulations.

Acknowledgement of Standards:

Our suppliers are required to commit that they acknowledge and agree to adhere to our Rules of Conduct Supplier Agreement.

Supplier Audits: Compliance with our Rules of Conduct is ensured with routine onsite audits attended by company employees or by employees of our parent corporation, Samson Marketing, and by collaborative audits with suppliers. Additionally, annual unannounced third party on-site audits are administered by a validation team contracted by a retail partner.


Legacy Classic Furniture maintains a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking, forced labor and child labor. If other non-compliance issues arise from a supplier audit, suppliers are required to produce corrective action plans, which Legacy Classic reviews and approves.

Capacity Building:

Legacy Classic Furniture's parent corporation, Samson Marketing, partners with nongovernmental organizations and training partners to raise awareness of Samson Marketing's corporate values including provisions related to forced labor and child labor. Capacity building efforts include worker communications training, which provides employees access to raise concerns with superiors.

Employee Training:

Legacy Classic Furniture trains employees responsible for supply chain on-site audits in techniques to recognize and report non-compliance with our expectations. In addition, Legacy Classic Furniture sourcing personnel follow an "eyes always open" approach under which all relevant personnel are trained to recognize environment, health, safety, and labor red flags, including red flags relating to forced labor, and to report and investigate all suspicions of improper conduct.